And also

a phrase used to add something to a sentence or statement that already contains the word also When you start a sentence with And also, you commit double cheesiness, plus incurring grammar girls wrath against redundancy. # and

    ب زراعه مطروح وظائف
  1. # and
  2. I dont think we should go out
  3. อีกด้วย - She is merciful and also benign
  4. des Weiteren adv
  5. and, besides
  6. Also is an adverb meaning “in the same manner, in addition, as well
  7. S
  8. And also to eat very quickly
  9. They are the historic chosen people of God
  10. Adam is a self-employed roofer
  11. I have been studying this weekend
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  13. Connects two alternatives